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Uncovering The Mystery Of Destiny 2's Good Boy Protocol: How To Get A Small Secret Gift In-Game

Fate 2 has lots of little secret missions that can discover and solve the players. Just in the season we had the trick of the Great Boy Protocol, which the players could be resolved pretty quickly. Since it was added to the video game with Forsaken, this trick is a bit older. Considering that this whole growth has actually been gotten rid of, more recent players are somewhat confused about a few of the remains that have been left. The small present mission object was part of this semi-secret mission for Forsaken and the Dreaming City.

Let's take an appearance at what a small gift is about in Destiny 2.

What is a little gift used in Fate 2 for?

The small gift is a small quest things that you can get in the dreaming city of activities. It appears in your stock as a mission with the description Smells slightly of mint. That is what the gamers let about it quite confused. There is no description that tells you where to go, and you can not follow the mission to get a waypoint, like the unclear mission step for the day-to-day difficulty of the iron banner. To complete this mission, you need to hunt one of nine feline statues in the dreaming city and hand over the little present to the statues. Each cat statue can just be used to hand over a single small gift. If you have numerous gifts, you have to track down numerous feline statues. Whenever you turn over a little present to a cat statue, you will receive a piece of dreaming city devices.


This is an excellent method to complete an armor set for a character. There is likewise an accomplishment for turning over a present to each of the 9 cats that bring them an emblem.

How do you get a little present in Fate 2?

If you wish to search for little gifts or avoid that you are clogging your quest procedure, you need to understand where to get you from. Given that the small gifts can just be utilized in the dreaming city, it makes sense that they are just offered in the dreaming city. Almost every activity that you perform in the dreaming city has the chance to provide you a small gift as part of your reward. Public occasions, ascendant challenges, patrols, Lost Scots and Blind Well activities can be rewarded with a small present. You can only earn a little present per character and week. So you can't really farm them, so to speak. You need to go through a few lost sectors or take part in one or two blind water fountains if you desire to get your weekly little gift rapidly. These little gifts can be an excellent way to farm the last few weapons that you miss out on if you currently have the finest weapons for Nightfall. For the majority of individuals, they are more of an obstacle than something they desire to take. Fate 2 is now readily available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. - This short article was updated on February 2, 2023


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