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Keychron K3 Pro Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation

  • Backlit: 22 kinds of RGB backlight choices plus endless possibilities.
  • Battery: 1550 mAh rechargeable biopolymer battery.
  • BT Working Time (Backlit off): Approximately 100 hours (Lab test outcome might differ by actual use).
  • BT Working Time (RGB): Up to 33 hours (The Lowest brightness).
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable.
  • Bluetooth variation: 5.1.
  • Bluetooth Device Name: Kathryn K3 Pro.


  • Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Linux.

Connectivity and Power.

Get In the Kathryn K3 Pro. It's an advancement of the original Kathryn K3, one of the go-to low-profile keyboards for video gaming and travel, but has been updated across the board.



  • Dimension: 306 x 116 mm (12.04 x 4.56).
  • Weight: 525 g/ 1.16 pounds.
  • Height without key cap (front): 11 mm (0.43).
  • Height without key cap (rear): 15 mm (0.59).
  • Height incl. key cap (front): 17 mm (0.66).
  • Height incl. key cap (back): 22 mm (0.86).
  • Typing Angle: 9º, 6º and 0º.
  • MCU: Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 (128 KB Flash).

Physical Specs.

If you're trying to find a low-profile mechanical keyboard, your choices can feel pretty restricted. There are a handful of dedicated low-profile gaming keyboards (but they're usually extremely pricey) and the staying choices are scarce, especially if you're trying to find something that offers the finest quality and typing experience.

  • Present Price: (Kathryn).
  • $94-White Backlight (Non-hotswap).
  • $104-RGB Backlight (Non-hotswap).
  • $114-RGB Backlight (Hot-swappable).
  • Number of Keys: 84 (75%).
  • Switches: Patron low-profile mechanical (Red, Blue, Brown).
  • Switch Face: North-facing.
  • Variety Of Multimedia Keys: 12.
  • Frame Product: ABS+A aluminum frame.
  • Key cap Product: Low-profile double-shot PBT.
  • Layout: ANSI.
  • Polling Rate (Wired Mode): 1000Hz.
  • Polling Rate (Wireless Mode): 90Hz.
  • N-Key Rollover (NERO): Yes for both wireless and wired modes.

Kathryn K3 Pro-What Is It?

The switches, on the other hand, are Patron's latest Low Profile mechanical switches. You can pick from the normal red (linear), brown (tactile), or blue (click) options and each has a very comparable feel to its full-size equivalent. They have a much shorter travel range than typical Patron switches (2.5 mm vs 4 mm) however have adequate depth to feel closer to a conventional mechanical keyboard than low profile techs used to These switches are likewise hot-swappable, so you can merely pull one out and replace it with a brand-new one must it ever get damaged, or you desire to try something brand-new.

The Kathryn K3 Pro is a low-profile keyboard that's ideal for travel and for users that crave an Apple or laptop typing experience. It follows in the steps of Kathryn's other Pro keyboards by including features and modification alternatives straight from the keyboard enthusiast world. That's remarkable in more methods than one, however mostly since it's one of the very first low-profile keyboards to actually welcome a design that puts typing quality equal to portability.

If you have actually seen the original Kathryn K3, you'll currently comprehend the broad strokes of the K3 Pro's style. It includes a slim case and low-height switches and key caps. This provides it a very flat profile that will feel right in the house for laptop and Mac users. The design is also similar to a lot of laptop computers and features a 75% design, total with a function row, arrow secrets, and a selection of navigation and modifying buttons-- a fantastic middle-ground in between efficiency and video gaming performance.

The K3 Pro also has a few other tricks up its sleeve, brought over from the initial K3. It's a wireless keyboard and can link to up to three gadgets over Bluetooth 5.1.

By means of likewise permits you to map controls for the keyboard's per-key RGB backlighting. Through does not permit you the same granular control of each private LED like lots of video gaming software applications do, however it does enable you map devoted buttons to individual lighting presets, mode switching, brightness, hue selection, and even color saturation. These changes use to the entire board.

The Kathryn K3 Pro is a great keyboard. The double shot PBT key caps are extremely excellent and the capability to configure the keyboard the VIA for true, firmware personalization is next-level for a low-profile keyboard at this rate.

It provides native support for both Windows and macOS. Utilizing a switch on the back, you can instantly switch keys to compare with either operating system.

The other missed chance features the keyboard feet. The Murphy has extremely slim silicone feet that are created to sit in between the secrets on a laptop computer deck, basically permitting it to replace your computer's built-in keyboard. That's not possible here, which indicates utilizing it on the go is going to require more area and setup.

I also have to applaud the reality that this keyboard features through support. It's the only board of its type and at this price that does, as far as I understand, and is fantastic for truly making it your own.

I also wish that Kathryn consisted of a travel bag with the purchase. Storing the bare keyboard in a bag can cause key caps to pop off if other items press on them at simply the right angle. You can purchase one individually, however because this keyboard is clearly created for travel, it would have been good to see it as a standard part of the purchase.

The keys lay totally flat with the only angle originating from the case itself (and tilt feet on the bottom, if you select to utilize them). These style options permit the keyboard to rise just 17 mm in the front and 22 mm in the back, shorter than a quarter. You do not need a wrist rest to use it, and I actually found it less comfortable when I attempted.

It's an advancement of the original Kathryn K3, one of the go-to low-profile keyboards for gaming and travel, but has been updated across the board. It follows in the footsteps of Kathryn's other Pro keyboards by including features and customization choices straight from the keyboard lover world. For years, VIA and QMK shows was the domain of customized keyboards only, but thanks to business like Kathryn and Comaker, this open-source programming tool is formally making its method into more and more available keyboards. The Kathryn K3 Pro is an outstanding wireless, low-profile mechanical keyboard. The double shot PBT key caps are very good and the capability to configure the keyboard the VIA for real, firmware modification is next-level for a low-profile keyboard at this price.

Kathryn K3 Pro-Performance and Quality Impressions.

The last huge addition is by means of programmability. For many years, VIA and QMK programs was the domain of custom keyboards just, however thanks to companies like Kathryn and Comaker, this open-source programming tool is officially making its way into more and more available keyboards. It's easy to utilize, enables for immediate essential remapping and macro shows, and allows you to rewrite any key at a firmware level, so it will deal with any computer system even without software running.

The Kathryn K3 Pro is an exceptional wireless, low-profile mechanical keyboard. Its slim type element makes it simple to move into a bag and forget it exists till you need it. The typing experience is excellent thanks to its exceptional switches and thick PBT key caps. Kathryn has actually likewise gone above and beyond and lubed the stabilizers, so there's not an excessive quantity of rattle originating from the larger secrets.

Starting with the very first of the lot, the key caps are the finest you'll discover in this style of keyboard, hands down. They're made of thick, double shot PBT plastic, and are really similar to those you'll find on Kathryn's full-size custom Q-series keyboards.

The product explained in this article was offered by the maker for assessment purposes.

If you're gaming, you're still going to be connected to a USB cable television with this keyboard. The Air75, and really, an increasing number of cost-effective wireless keyboards, supports quick, 1ms wireless through its 2.4 GHz dongle, so it would have been nice to see that here.

Even with those potential drawbacks in mind, the fact that this keyboard provides the best key caps and enthusiast-level programmability makes it one of the finest keyboards in its space.

Final Words.


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