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WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic – Paladin-Level

In this Paladin Guide for World of Warcraft Classic you can find out:

  • How the paladin works
  • What specialization you use for leveling
  • How you play it most effectively

You detest the light and prefer to play a knight who brings death, illness and spoilage over his fine? Then take a look at our level guide to the death knight.

Which specialization is suitable for leveling the paladin?

Armed with his faith and thick armor, the Paladin is one of the hybrid classes in World of Warcraft. This means that he can take on any role in a group: with a sword and sign he becomes a tank, he focuses on his holy magic, he becomes a healer and with a huge two-hand weapon he becomes a damage distributor.

Since you have to destroy a lot of enemies during leveling, you play with a two-handed weapon and of the retaliation specialization . This causes huge amounts of damage within a very short time.

Strong: A paladin hardly needs breaks, since he has different healing spells in his repertoire and skills that restore his MANA. This makes the level phase very pleasant with the paladin.

Which resources and buffs do the holy knight use?

With your paladin you use MANA as a basic resource -almost all your spells and attacks cost the blue juice. Fortunately, the Paladin has various skills to restore MANA during the fight, such as the seal of wisdom.

In addition, the paladin has a seal. The seals are buffs that reinforce your automatic attacks and which you can trigger again with your spell guide judgment. For example, during leveling, you use the seal of the command that makes your attacks cause additional saint damage that is distributed to other opponents. If you act Guide judgment is now active during the Seal of the Command, you once again cause a big bathing to damage your opponent.

The Holy Knight has Lauren as . These strengthen you and your group members in different ways. For example, the Aura the Devotion increases armor.

What are the main and secondary attributes of the paladin?

As a paladin, like the death knight (guide) and warrior (guide)-you use strength as a main attribute . With this you strike harder. In addition, you focus on perseverance with which you enlarge your life points.

So that you increase your damage even further, you as a secondary attribute you mainly collect hit rating and critical hit rating . The former lets you miss fewer attacks, the latter increases your chance of causing critical hits. Your attribute priority during leveling looks as follows:

strength > hit rating > critical hit rating > Tempo classification

armor and weapons of the Holy Knight

The paladin uses Level 40 heavy armor and then plate armor , which increases its stamina even further. To do this, you always use a two-handed weapon during your level phase-whether ax, sword or matters.

The talent tree of the rewarded paladin

Invest enough points in the retaliation talent tree as soon as possible to unlock cruise crossing and divine storm . Your talent selection looks as follows:

The key talent of the reward :

Talent Effect
Seal of the command Your melee attacks cause additional hazard damage up to three destinations.
Striving for justice Increase your speed and reduce the duration of disarmament effects.
The art of war Increases the damage from guidelines, crusaders and divine storm. You can also act as spontaneous spells after a critical hit Lichtblitz or Exorcism.
Crusaders I attack your opponent immediately.
Divine Storm Causes damage to up to four opponents and heals group members within reach.

Which glyphs should I use?

You use the following considerable and low glyphs during leveling:

Significant glyphs

Glyph angry retaliation *: While angry retaliation is active, the cooldown is reduced by hammer of the anger by 50 percent. Glyph Guide judgment : Your guidelines cause 10 percent more damage. Glyph Seal of Righteousness : Increases the damage caused by Seal of Righteousness by 10 percent.

Low glyphs

Glyph Blessing of Power *: increases the duration of blessing of power by 20 minutes if it is worked on you. Glyph laying on of hand : reduces the cooldown of laying on of hand by 5 minutes. Glyph Blessing of the Kings : Versed the MANA costs of blessings of the kings and big blessing of the kings by 50 percent.

How do I play the retaliation paladin?

The Paladin has few active skills at the beginning of his trip ** that you have to take care of. Only in the course of the level you get more attacks and other skills. Your full rotation or list of priorities looks as follows:

Keep your blessing of power active so that you do more damage Use Seal of the Command or Seal of Righteousness and keep them actively. Seal of the command is well suited for fighting with many opponents, Seal of Righteousness for attacks on individual opponents. Use consecration for more than one opponent. Use your guideline to a cooldown. Attacks with crusaders as soon as he is ready. Used divine storm as soon as he is ready.

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tips for the level phase of the paladin

Use a quick healing magic between your fights to briefly treat yourself and start directly into the next encounter. If your MANA is low, you can use the Seal of Wisdom and the blessing of wisdom to regenerate it quickly.

If you should lose a fight, activated sign of God and take your legs in hand . If you are traveling in an area where too many enemies lurk, you can be active during Gotten sign, use your resting stone and flee to your home location.

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