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Police Investigation ADV POLICE SHOOTOUT Even in a small town, crime buds are not exhausted, and as a police officer, robbery, brawl, and hostage cases! [Explosion Repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don't know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the contents of the live on Police Shootout released to PC (Steam) by Games Incubator on June 2, 2022, 2022.


An adventure game in charge of various incidents as a police officer. The player will be the hero's police officer Scott Price, who has moved to the small town San Adrino, and will challenge robbery cases and kidnapping cases.

The game is an adventure game that progresses from an FPS perspective, and it is a method of collecting information and finding a solution to the case. Depending on the case, there are multiple routes, such as persuading the culprit and surrendering, and shooting, and the evaluation varies depending on the end of the case in charge and the achievement target.

If the rank goes up by the evaluation, you can also acquire skills that are good at battle, negotiations, stealth, etc. The same incident can be played over and over again, so you can challenge an incident that you could not get a perfect evaluation after acquiring your skills.

In addition, the main character, Scott, is a police officer who had been active in a large city before. It seems that Scott has moved to SAN ADRINO for some purpose, and as the case progresses, the content will gradually become clear.

Approach the actual content of POLICE SHOOTOUT!

First, choose training from the game menu. In training, you can learn the basics of combat training, arrest, and negotiations. This work is not a simple adventure game, but there are several unique systems, so let's remember it.

The battle is a system that combines turn action and FPS shooting. Players travel and shoot by consuming the action points given in the turn. The shooting needs to aim where to shoot by yourself, and the effect varies depending on the part. Shooting your head will cause a lot of damage, but as a police officer, shoot his arms and legs as much as possible to neutralize it.

In the next training, I will learn the behavior of arrest without being noticed by the other person. In the training, you will be warned by the other party in the warning, then hit with a baton, and restricts it with handcuffs. In this work, it is quite difficult for the NPC to move unexpectedly, so it is quite difficult to get close to stealth, so be sure to learn the range that you will not notice to some extent in training.

The end of training is negotiations with the criminal. In this work, there is a scene where you can talk to the culprit confronting at the end of the incident. Negotiations will be presented to the other party the information card obtained in the investigation, and the attitude of the opponent will change depending on the contents of the card, and it will be decided whether to surrender or fight.

When the training is over, the game is finally the beginning. The first case was in charge of a traffic accident that occurred in a parking lot in a nearby supermarket.

From the first incident, an unexpected uproar! ?

The incident is a method of choosing the content in charge from the map screen, and at first you can only choose a supermarket traffic accident. When I arrived at the accident site and listened to the two car owners in the parking lot, I suddenly got a gunshot from the supermarket **.

When I heard from a person who escaped from the store while screaming, a shooting incident occurred in the store and a person was shot. When I heard from another woman who also fled, she said that her daughter was left behind in the store. I was going to crack down on a traffic accident with a casual feeling, but what is this big incident!

Anyway, when I sneaked into the store to check the situation, there was a person who escaped to the shadow of the vegetable section. This work gains important information, and new options appear in the NPC. Here, by asking the question of the escaped girl earlier, I got the information that someone is in the bathroom.

We continue to investigate with new information, but we are unfortunately found by one of the culprit groups. Fortunately, the friends seemed to be nearby, and they were fighting 1vs1, so they succeeded in shooting and surrendering the opponent's legs and arms. By defeating the lookout, the man who had been hidden earlier escaped.

It is also necessary to report on police radio when arresting the criminal or rescue hostage. Depending on the report, a new task will appear, so be sure to do it to increase your evaluation. It's a police officer-like behavior, and it's a fun role play.

robbery, hostage, brawl, smuggling! Cases occur one after another

After that, we will continue to secure those who have escaped in the supermarket and deal with the culprit who is watching. If you get important information, you need to return to the store and hear new testimony from people. We organized the information little by little, and the content of this case was gradually revealed.

Finally, the negotiations part with the boss of the culprit group in the warehouse in the store. In the game, the number of good cards is kindly displayed, so be careful with the other party while selecting the contents carefully. This time, we were able to negotiate safely and the other party had surrendered, but if it failed, it would be a battle. By the way, it is possible to enter the battle without questions without negotiations. ** To neutralize the opponent immediately may be one answer.

Texas In this way, the case was resolved safely. After clearing, the evaluation is evaluated by the content of the play, and it will move to the skill improvement screen. The content of the incident is reported in the newspaper, but I am glad if I am praised for saying, One police officer solved the robbery case or He is the hero of his mother and daughter!

The skills are very powerful for stun guns (if you hit the culprit down one shot down), the number of bullets expansion, Improve negotiations, and reduce disadvantageous negotiations. Since this work is not very reliable in stealth, it was easy to forcibly break through the culprit neutralization. Of course, the answer is different depending on the case and the play style...

By solving the first case, various cases have appeared on the map, such as robbery, suspicious witnesses, smuggling and brawl cases. In addition, the story of the hero's purpose, Finding a missing brother, which will be found after the first incident, will gradually progress.

Police Shootout has been introduced so far. The combination of the royal road adventure game that leads to the solution while gathering information and the simulator elements such as battle and arrest with the culprit unique to police officers, creating a unique charm. Unfortunately, it does not support Japanese, but I think it is easy to play because the information is briefly summarized.

However, it is difficult to say that the important battle is monotonous and can be solved by shooting the opponent's arm and legs with the damage prepared. You can operate such as hiding in obstacles, but it is more efficient to attack without moving, and it feels wasteful.

Playing that gathers a lot of information to proceed with negotiations is very interesting, and there are some cases that have not been expected, and it is a work that can be evaluated personally in terms of scenario. However, you can always feel the thrill of irreparable choice in order to be replayed at any time. There are several solutions, but there are not enough variations.

Police Shootout is being distributed to PC (Steam). The trial version POLICE SHOOTOUT: PROLOGUE that allows you to play the early stage of this work is also distributed.


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