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As a tank, I fight daily in Final Fantasy 14 against my depression

We grow on our mistakes. This is not only an inspiring proverb, but also the basis of classical hero journey and generally a good basic attitude towards life. But what happens when we feel like this we would be a little smaller through each mistake? What is the worst thing that happens? All! Am I the mistake? mmos as a safe place Tanking anxiety Jeder Fehler ist sichtbar, aber jeder Pull ist ein Sieg Kleine Schritte sind besser als stehenzubleiben For me, mistakes of every kind are a nightmare that pursues me every day. On the other hand, to arrive needs a daily struggle to tighten slowly. I do not only lead these in real life, but also in the virtual world of Final Fantasy 14, in which I can test my limits in a controlled environment. Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with tex