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Phasmophobia Update 0.5.0 PatchNotes Carlos Hurtado

Update 0.5.0 has arrived for homophobia, and here is a list of all changes and additions that have been added with this patch. The developers of Homophobia have given everything in this patch. Update 0.5.0 brings corrections, changes and new content into the game. The Maple Campsite card will take over the Christmas spirit with some new decorations and changes in the area. Everything is new with Homophobia Update 0.5.0.

Homophobia update 0.5.0 patch notes

cursed possession

Several new items have been added: The cursed possessions. Each location contains 1 out of 6 items that are randomly selected at the beginning of each contract. There are several spawn points for every item, so catch on! Col lamp obsessions exchange mental health for information, but be warned; The use of these objects can have an additional negative effect. So well, consider whether you want to annoy the mind for the rest of the examination.

Jukebox Reports show that paranormal beings sing this haunting melody. Do not come too close, otherwise you will experience a bad surprise. Fucked Voodoo doll Forced a needle into the doll to trigger a reaction of the mind, but you can lose more than you win. Spooky mirror A visible portal in the spectrograph, dare to look in to find the room of the Spirit? Summoning circle Risk your life by summoning the mind and temporarily locking it. Do not stay too long, it will be free. Tarot cards A deck of ten random cards, each with a unique mystical property. OUIJA BRETT The OUIJA board is now classified as a cursed property and has received new graphics. You have to say goodbye now to end the conversation with a ghost on the Ouija board, or otherwise... The Ouija board is no longer guaranteed on Nightmare due to the new changes in damned obsession and ghost identity. The Ouija Board will no longer have a chance to make questions. The Ouija Board does not play any additional sound when spelling double letters. The total number of spawn points of the Ouija Board was reduced in prison, asylum and high school.

Ghost identities

Nightmare was a successful complement to Homophobia, but we all have found that some ghosts with only two evidence is easy to identify too hard.

We never thought of Nightmare as a guessing game. To combat this, some ghost types have received new skills, passive and other customizations, so they are better leaning against their diary descriptions, and most recently ghosts have been added.

The shade The shy spirit, which is often hidden in sight, only shows itself if it is really necessary. Poltergeist The mind who loves to throw things, take care!. Banshee The singing siren lures ghost hunters near and far. The rare ability of the death fee to hunt with any degree of mental health was postponed to the demon. Demon The most aggressive and most dangerous spirit we have ever seen. Jinn These ghosts love to hunt to hide before they see you. Spirit The cold made these spirits so strong that it is slowly showing. Large The thing that rumbles at night and thrives in the dark. She Knew reports show many more sightings, maybe these ghosts enjoy fear in the eyes of people. Okay Be quiet, you would not want to wake it. Yuri Master of madness, who make everyone crazy who comes in contact with them. Ghosts now only use their physical form during the hunt, rather than shadows or translucent forms. All ghost capabilities have been adjusted to make them more frequent and consistent.


During the holiday season, the weather is always snowed on the Maple Campsite and has received new seasonal decorations. The facial expressions The most fascinating ghost type we have ever encountered. Further information can be found in the magazine. Compliance navigation has added two new tabs to the diary: Home and Articles. Several questions were added to the Ouija board, such as how did you die? With almost every object, the impact noises were replaced according to the material. New noises were added for player steps when sprinting on different surfaces. All big carpets and floor mats now have a collision.


Multiple scripts Maple Camp site assets and the weather system have been greatly optimized to improve performance. All spirits can now throw during hunting objects, similar to currently open doors. All spirits except Yogis can now your voice from a distance to hear. Ghosts can when setting waypoints through walls no longer wander paths (. EG black tent camp to camp tents) and select another nearby waypoint. You can not escape quickly through the exterior doors or gates when a chase begins. The spirit now always writes in a ghostwriting book after it was thrown (if it is the right type of proof), except during hunting. You must now make the thrown object interaction photos, instead of where the object was before the Spirit moved it. Hunting effects on cameras have been adjusted. Spirits, refresh the fingerprints, allow you now to take an additional photo (e.g., By twice touching the same door). Geisterflackernde lights are now based on the distance to the light itself, rather than on the light switch. Step sounds are now more precisely synchronized with the speed of movement of players and spirits. The volume of the heartbeat sounds now based on the distance to the mind and gets louder the closer he is. Hunting ghosts sounds are now hidden, rather than stopping abruptly. The frequency of paranormal sounds that are picked up by Parabolic Mic has been increased.


Fixed a bug where the weakness of the Rail only camcorders and cameras was concerned. Fixed a bug where the hunting period was set based on the size of the previously played card. Fixed an issue that was played at the heartbeat sounds when the mind was far away. Fixed an issue where the sound was muted, if you went near the balcony door of the cabin. Fixed a bug where the flight from the spirit while chasing the target could not be completed. Fixed a bug in which multiple interactions have a pic rewards gave. Fixed a bug where the camera was turned on in the truck. Fixed an error, could be switched on when the lights broken when switching of the fuse box. Fixed a bug where you burning candles in heavy rain could keep out. Fixed a bug where the temperatures were not set correctly in the toilets of the campsite. Fixed a bug where a Yuri could still change his favorite room when he was smeared. Fixed a bug where the Herzschlagton was played when you were too far away from the spirit.

The Mimic & Santa Ghost in 0.5.0!! | Phasmophobia Update 0.5.0 Cursed Possessions First Impressions Fixed a bug where the use of a second lubricating pin (within a few seconds after the first) did not prevent the spirit from killing you. Fixed an issue where setting the master volume control did not always work. Fixed an issue where players VR her footsteps could not hear. Fixed a bug that did not conflict in which some curtains, which resulted in a safe place. Fixed a bug where the model did not look switched on some lights after flickering. Fixed a bug where the shower water in the bathroom sparkled in Edge field in the wrong direction. Multiple Fixed bug where certain card UI and player icons were turned wrong. Fixed several errors in which Photo rewards were given, although this should not be the case. Multiple floating books in high school resolved. Multiple safe places fixed in prison.

That more fans in Asylum had Fixed two sets of fan blades. Several rare visual problems in Willow and Ridge view resolved.

In addition to the content update, the developers have released many fixes and changes to the basic game. Now the Ouija Board further questions, in addition to some has sound effect changes. If players throw an object, the sound varies depending on the surface on which it lands. The steps of the players have changed a sound effect, so that the sound now varies depending on the surface. These changes will make the game more immersive than before and enhance the player's overall experience.

Phasmophobie is now available on the PC. For more information about this update in the official Phasmophobie Steam page.


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