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No Mercedes objection: Max remains world champion

The EDNA Scenic tour was the nine music trip of the American singer Madonna, held to advertise his twelfth workshop CD, EDNA. Madonna defined the concert as a trip from the darkness to light. The tour started on Might 31, 2012 in Tel Aviv and also visited Asia, Europe, North America as well as South America. The statement was made by Marketer Live Nation Home entertainment via a news release. The tour was the very first of the vocalist to see the United Arab Emirates, Colombia as well as numerous areas of the United States and Canada, in addition to being the second under the contract with Live Nation. Its course has been split into 4 phases: Middle East, Europe, North America and also South America. The excursion consisted of 88 shows and also was the lengthiest travel plan for the musician, given that his previous scenic tour, Sticky & Sweet Excursion, contained 85. Collected in overall 305 158 363 USD as well as turned into one of the ten even more collector of the Background, in addition to on the most successful 2012.

This announced the team of Lewis Hamilton's Lewis Hamilton's Lewis Hamilton on Thursday at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. We draw our appointment hereby, says in the detailed Mercedes message.

F1 trying to fix 'tarnished' image as Mercedes drops Abu Dhabi GP appeal Immediately after the triumph of red-bull pilot in front of Hamilton, the silver arrows had filed two protests on the Was Marina Circuit. Both had been clasped by the racing commissars. As a result, the team had deposited the formalin according to a declaration of intent for a vocation and 96 hours of time to actually enter this step.

For the protests on the race evening, it was on the one hand about the behavior of stages in the crucial safety car phase, on the other to instructions from race director Michael Mass. Trapped had benefited from the measures so that he got the chance to overtake Hamilton on the last round and used it to his first title with 24 years.

Although the driver's World Cup did not find the end we wanted, we would like to conclude that we could not be proud of our team, Mercedes said well and added towards Hamilton: Lewis, you are the Largest racers in the history of Formula 1 and you danged the soul from the body in each round of this incredible season. You are a perfect sportsman and a role model for millions of people everywhere in the world. We pull our hat in front of you.

Epic Formula 1 title fight

We want to express our sincere respect for your successes this year. You have made this season an absolutely epic Formula 1 title fight. Max, we congratulate you and your entire team, Mercedes wrote to Red Bull and Trapped.


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