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Gacha regulation? RMT illegal? What is the game disorder measures? Parliament members of the Cabinet Game Regulation questionnaire

The Game Young Boy (Jap. ゲ ゲ ゲ ボ, Hepburn: Gem BOI) is an 8-bit handheld console developed by Junta Yoko and also released by Nintendo on April 21, 1989, in Japan at a rate of 12500 yen. In Europe, the console was readily available from fall 1990 and was offered in Germany at a price of 169 D-Mark. It was provided to the public for the very first time in 1989. The Game Boy is among the very popular game gaming consoles with even more than 118.69 million duplicates (Game Young boy Color) sold (Game Kid Color) and was the best-selling handheld console in the globe for a long period of time. However, this sales record was broken by the Nintendo DS with its about 154,01 million million remote devices. The Game Young boy was just available with each other with the game Tetris, which was the very popular video game of history.

■ Geisha, real manage and question preliminary questions about game disorder

On November 10, 2022, the Fukuyama and House of Representatives of the Minister of the Ministry of Congratulations, and the House of Representatives, the Fukuyama, the Councilors, and the House of Representatives, have submitted a questionnaire on the Legal Regulations of the Online Games. Question preliminary books are those who ask questions in the Document and ask questions to answer the government in the Diet. On the other hand, the Cabinet must return an answer in the document within 7 days.

Very easy to say, geisha and game disorders are social problems, but what do you do? The question was asked for the cabinet. From the game user, I am very worried, and I'm wondering if something game is difficult to play... Anxiety.

So this time, I would like to introduce the current status and efforts of the game industry while talking about this question preliminary book and the call from the Cabinet. Since it is also a very sensitive problem for the game industry, the exact word of question preliminary and answer is checked from the House of Representatives Official site.

Questions on laws and regulations on online games

Question preliminary report on laws and regulations for online games

■ Provision of Geisha should be obliged

The first question is about Geisha. There are three dachas, and the regulation of the charge limit for suppressing high charge. Above all, the second is about the regulation on high-price charges by minors. Finally, regulations that require the appearance of emergence rate. None of the questions are asking what measures and considerations are doing.

In the answer, we will continue to pay attention to illegal displays with regard to illegal displays, as well as illegal displays, as well as illegal displays, and their efforts of corporate voluntary regulations are progressing.

Actually the game industry has voluntary regulatory guidelines. There are two main industry groups for this matter, YOGA (the General Incorporation Online Games Association) and CSA (Computer Entertainment Association). Both industry groups are encouraged by guidelines in the guidelines in all items that are emitted by Geisha, but instead of emergence rate notation You may be able to choose from several ways, such as displaying the upper and lower limits of the appearance probability.

Random-type item provision method operation guidelines CSA (PDF will open) in network games

Display and Operating Guidelines Yoga (PDF will open) in item sales using random item provision method

On the other hand, the upper limit is not specified for both guidelines. The expected value is expected to be expected, and it does not necessarily get a desired character or item for 50,000 yen because the expected value is set within 50,000 yen. And high charge trouble may be happening when it gets unusually out of these expected values. However, although not in the guidelines, some games have more than a certain number of ceilings, which allows you to get a specific character or item. It is likely that there is a need for the current guidelines or whether it is necessary to thoroughly set the full-out rate and the setting of the ceiling.

In addition, with regard to minor billing problems, it is answered that enlightenment activities and consultation contacts are provided. In CSA and YOGA, youth, for youth, we encourage the consent of the parents, the age confirmation, and the appropriate charge restrictions. However, as the essence of the problem, this is not a story limited to the game. If you have a smartphone with a payment function, it is not important to be widely edited by the parents should manage.

Guidelines CSA (PDF will open) about minor protection

■ Should I illegally

Next is a question about real manage raid. Items in the game, or the accounts of the game that you have to do, but not in-game currency, and the real money notes that sell it in the actual cash may be fraud, or may be used for money laundering such as gangsters. As the real manage lades themselves should be regulated. Actually, in this question preliminary book, for game disorders that touch the geisha and the next, should consider measures and thinking about providing regulations, Clearly should regulate.

In the answer, it is understood that it is abused by a crime and the investigation authority is dealing with properly if you can press evidence properly. In addition, while watching the game industry's own control and public relations enlightenment activities, the relevant ministries' agency work together to make necessary efforts.

Real Money Later has trouble with important customers, and is a nasty existence that attracts the act of roughing the game for cash income, and most games are currently prohibited by the terms and conditions increase. However, even if you break the game terms, you may still stop your account, or some cases of damages, but the real manage ladies themselves are not illegal and can not be more than that. There are also countries that have already regulated overseas, such as Korea, and legal development in Japan may also be discussed.

■ How should I respond to game disorders

Last is for game disorders. It depends on the game and the game disorder that causes the social life is issued by WHO (World Health Organization), and when it is certified as one of the mental illnesses, the need for preventive education and medical institutions that can be treated I have a question about the problem with a few.

The answer was that we were working to create materials for school teachers and cooperation with industrial organizations, and surveys of medical institutions conducting game disorders.

With regard to game disorders, the other day, from the concern that the scientific basis accredited as mental illness is insufficient, the expert inquired about the literature leading to the certification, and the WHO is too wasteful and answered It is difficult and should be understood by examining the literature, and it is said that it will be answered, and it is a large ripple that has become a form that avoided virtually clear answer. Obama also listens to her blog if you hear that there is additional information about the WHO response after issuing a question preliminary book.

Question Principal Answer Report has returned Her online game high charge Geisha etc. [Consumer Protection] Blog articles of Obama Yamato | Election dot com

Here, one important story is for the purpose of whom to be accredited for mental illness. WHO is a classification of illness of international disease (ICD), which makes statistical data easier to collect or make medical records and more together. In other words, a new game failure has been added to classification that experts around the world aggregate data or help the doctor diagnosis. This is expected to be expected to organize cases of game disorders and elucidated the mechanism of illness. However, as game disorders were certified as mental illness, they became a sensational topic, and those who use it as a person to limit the game will began to appear.

Escaping video game addiction: Cam Adair at TEDxBoulder

For game disorders, WHO's certification itself has been separated by experts around the world, and is a difficult thing that can not easily be asserted. Considering that, even if you do enlightenment activities, you will not be able to spread the right knowledge, unless you know the scientific grounds and not know the actual situation? I would like to hope for careful response, so that scientific basis remain ambiguous and not exactly out of information.

I explained about question preliminary questions about laws and regulations, etc. over the online game, submitted to the special parliament. Even for the game industry, I think there were many topics that games were very worried. Okayama who submitted this is that this is not what you want to regulate, and it is not a regulatory school. Safety and scientific discussions are desired, as game culture will develop and game culture will develop.


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