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What happens if you have no more money in GTA online?

No cash and no more money on the account Into Online? This has consequences for your apartment and your mechanics. See here, what happens when your bankruptcy is.

What is the problem? In GTA online, the money rules. Those who are starting right notes that everything is quite expensive, and you have to look exactly at the beginning, how and wherever you invested your money. But even advanced players can happen that account and purse suddenly reach a credit of 0 GTA.

What happens then with the daily costs for apartments, the mechanics and your shops? We show you the disadvantages here.

Lies in GTA online — who pays apartment, business?

What Happens in GTA Online When You Run Out of Money!

That happens if your bankrupt is: In the event that you suddenly have no money in GTA online, you have come up with the developers. After all, you pay daily (so every 48 minutes in the Real Life) additional costs for your apartment, pay for your mechanics and costs for the entertainment of shops such as the cocaine laboratory, the hemp plantation or the bunker.

In your apartment the electricity is turned off. You do not sit dark, but can not use content like the TV or the radio. Besides, you can not shower anymore, as the water is turned into your apartment.

The mechanic does not feel like helping you if you do not pay him. So you can no longer request somewhere in the Pampa your vehicles, because the mechanic just does not work anymore.

that happens as CEO / Biker boss:

In the shops such as bunkers, cocaine laboratories or even hemp plantations, production is stopped as they can no longer pay the team and electricity.

As long as you still have supplies, these are further processed.

You can not accept missions that are sent to your phone. Since these cost a few hundred dollars, you are not qualified.

As an advanced player, you should usually not happen to you that you are completely cruising. Because GTA Online now offers so many ways to make money that you can always earn something. But just beginners or players who buy some expensive as the Osaka come slightly to the bankruptcy status.

Have you ever really been poor in GTA online? How have you fought you out of the hole?

In winter, GTA starts his next, big update — what happens?


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