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How to steal a train in BitLife

When it comes to easily gaining money in real life, the phrase crime does not pay comes to mind. But in bit life, the opposite is true. Of course, you can do things from the good way as an honest citizen, climbing the ladder with a lot of work and determination.

But sometimes, and for some people, they do not have time for that. They need money and need it now. In moments like these, becoming an out-of-law is the way forward. For those looking to turn to a crime life on Billie, you have several choices.

However, one of the simplest ways to quickly win money is to steal a train. As a general rule, you can earn millions of dollars in a very short time, and the risk is quite minimal because you will not usually be caught waiting for a flying train. After all, you will look like a normal passenger.

To try to steal a train, head to the ACTIVITIES menu on the right side from the main hub, then from there, go to the Crime option. At the bottom of the Crime options list, you should find the option Train Robbery. By tapping on it, you will see the menu below.

In fact, attempting to steal a train is a more difficult task. Its not as simple as choosing a moment when you want to fly the train and do it. The principle of a trains flight is that it uses the real time, which means that when you can steal a train is linked to your device time. There is no mini-game linked to this one, it is simply to press the Rob IT button as you choose.

How to Rob a Train in Bitlife The options to steal a train are sunrise, noon, 16:20, sunset and midnight. Apart from 16:20, there is no fixed time exactly for everyone, but you must be close to your local time for each event. If you timer it correctly, you can take a train pocket with cash. The train to fly usually does not affect the difficulty, but can vary the amount of money you will receive.

Previously, it was possible to change the time of your device at a particular hour, such as 4:20 am, and manipulating it for it to work. However, it has since been corrected to try to prevent this, and try to do it can kill your character Billie on a moving train, so try it at your own risk!


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